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About Us

Shaw Thing Fitness offers personal training services in the western suburbs of Melbourne

Shaw Thing Fitness is located in Melbourne's Western Suburbs and largely operates out of two gyms in Point Cook and Hoppers Crossing.

Our services include a wide range of activities such as One on One Personal Training, Group Fitness, Remedial Massage and much more. For more details or to view our complete range please see our services page.

At Shaw Thing Fitness we understand that good posture and a strong core are the building blocks to creating a healthier, fitter and happier you.

Your first session is absolutely free of charge and will include a posture assessment to help create a training plan suited to you and your individual needs. You will be guided and closely monitored through all personal training sessions, at a pace that you are comfortable with.

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Client Testimonials

  • "When I started out with Trent I was a recent ex-smoker who was generally unfit.I am extremely happy with the improvements to my general health and fitness since my first sessionunder Trent’s guidance. One thing I really appreciate is that he does listen to you about what you do and don’t want. He will get to know you and he will monitor you – doing so provides him with information and feedback as to how you’re dealing with the program, whether he needs to make any adjustments and whether or not it’s time to push you harder because you’re fitter and stronger and you are capable of doing more whether you realise it or not! Trent is actively involved in your whole session and watches you closely. This is reassuring because it means that you don’t overstretch yourself and therefore you are u nlikely to hurt yourself. Trent is also very personable – his enthusiasm for a fit and healthy lifestyle is contagious and he does inspire you to try harder because he genuinely believes in you and your ability to ‘get it done’ as he says. I would recommend Trent to absolutely anyone considering any sort of fitness program for whatever reason." Susan M , Werribee
  • "Finding the right personal trainer for you is often a difficult thing to do. They need to understand your goals and ability as well as keeping you motivated. Since starting with Trent no session has been the same. I have done cardio, weights, boxing and combined all three at times. Each session has been structured to meet my goals but then adapted to my ability on that day. Trent has never set something I couldn't do. This doesn't mean it doesn't burn and hurt the next day but I can always get through it. Trent provides you with the correct posture to get the most out of your session and prevent injury. You are better off doing 6 repetitions correctly than 10 bad ones. While personal trainers are not experts in food, Trent will provide you with ideas and educate you on what to eat depending on if your goal is weight loss or muscle gain. If you are considering a personal trainer I would highly recommend using Trent. He is friendly, kind, caring and it is all about the client and the best he can get from you." Angela W , Point Cook
  • "Take this as a glowing testimonial. Trent is an expert in the correction of posture, building motivation and in the development of strength, both mind and body. Trent has showed me how important maintaining a good posture and core trunk strength are to avoid training injury. By using a smart combination of stretches, boxing and light weights, his training restores suppleness and flexibility in my muscles. It also activated my core (back and belly) muscle groups and this has created a huge difference, in not only the way I perform exercise, but in the way I go about my daily activities. The science of exercising has moved a long way in the past 10 years and Trent is using cutting edge technology and highly effective techniques to help his clients. More than this, he practices the art of Personal Training with energy, enthusiasm and great good humour. Trent also has the unique ability to pick up subtle signs, by observing your body language and workout technique and can suggest really effective alterations, to not only your way of exercising but also your posture, walking and lifting style. Above all, I would like to say that Trent has mastered the art of 'motivation'. He knows how to change a really tiring and exhausting day into a day filled with humour and confidence. This has made a big difference to my self-image and has helped me immensely at the gym, home and work!" Rushika , Point Cook
  • "I have been training for several weeks with Trent and have found his service to be highly professional, friendly and challenging. Trent is a very energetic, personaable, great movtivator and support person to his clients. He is passionate about health and wellbeing for his customers and leads by example himself in the manner that he conducts himself and presents himself. He has an enormous wealth of knowledge in health and nutrition and is very generous with passing this on to his clients. I feel, with Trent you get the complete package and more. I feel better physically and he has worked around a long standing injury which he has been able to help me with mentally and with natural pain relief, I had seen numerous doctors and ortho surgeons who were unwilling to look at the problem medically and holistically. If you are looking for motivation a long healthy life and someone who is passionate about what they do then Trent ticks all boxes." Brooke , Point Cook
  • "I first heard about Shaw Thing Fitness though a charity boot camp. I went along to check it out as I used to work out heaps before work commitments took over. I loved the class and haven't look back since! I got back my confidence and my motivation to get into shape. With Shaw Thing Fitness, the focus isn't on money; it's about quality exercise and one on one results with great trainers to help you along the way. Thanks Shaw Thing Fitness!" Ally , Hoppers Crossing
  • Where do I begin? I joined Shaw Thing Fitness in February 2012 and have already been influenced with a healthier lifestyle which has resulted in some great physical changes. I train four days a week with very motivated, knowledgeable, energetic and caring personal trainers who look after you as a whole person and are not there just to be paid. The thing I love most about Shaw Thing Fitness is that I am not locked into a gym membership or contract. I am always meeting new people at the group fitness classes and have developed some great friendships, as the classes are always full of laughter and smiles. With Shaw Thing Fitness we always train in the outdoor environment where there is never a dull moment, instead of being stuck in a four walled room full of sweat. The best thing that ever could of happened to me was been introduced to Shaw Thing Fitness as I have more confidence and self pride more than ever before. Ally B , Werribee